Welcome to Eixogen, an experiment in collectively exploring and imagining the city of the future in the context of emerging smart city technology. Smart cities are a concept of the future, promising impressive progress in terms of efficiency and quality of life inside the cities.

The recording and processing of data such as traffic, sounds, air quality, and consumer behaviour, enables the improvement and optimization of traffic flow, reduced air pollution, prevention and fight of crime, mobility and energy saving. More and more cities, including Rotterdam, are striving for this transformation. However, data collection and processing also raises complex social and ethical issues as it affects the way we live, work and interact socially.

The enormous amount of data recorded and processed presents a technical challenge, and the management is often passed on to private companies. Questions about privacy, equality and sustainability emerge. Who decides what data matters and whose interests are taken into account when processing it? The data collection and archiving of this data is a form of history of a city's inhabitants. But according to what criteria is this history written, and what is excluded, overshadowed, unheard in these records?

Through an experimental alternative reality game, we want to invite you to dive into these questions together and take part in envisioning a city of the future. eixo.codes is a simulation of a city travel app, typically employed for the analysis and organization of a city's residents' movements. In our fictional scenario, we aim to repurpose these often consumption-oriented apps to facilitate a city exploration experience that shifts from a focus on efficiency, profit, and goal-oriented behavior to one centered around randomness, wonder, and mindfulness. This approach allows us to generate data about citizens based on their emotions, dreams, and personal desires.

Eixogen functions as an extension of the ongoing exhibition 'Modding the Mirror World' at MaMA and launches on the 1st of October. To participate, send an email to info@eixo.codes to receive your player token and character sheet. Role-playing sessions will take place in the evenings of the


For more information, take a look at thisismama.nl or @mamarotterdam.